Phil Tran left Vietnam in the last days of the War and settled in San Diego when he was twelve years old. Near where he lived, the famous singer Khanh Ly opened Que Huong, the first Asian supermarket in San Diego. In it was a tiny bookshop, selling old classics reprinted from copies some refugees happened to take with them. There were not many, but he read most of them. It wasn’t until four years later that he was able to comprehend English books.The first English book he read was Gone With The Wind. Twenty one years later, in 1994, as he was studying for a lawschool exam, he heard on TV that the US was lifting its embargo against Vietnam. The news triggered his curiosity, and that summer he took a summer job at a law firm in Hanoi. The job gave him a wide view on the different industries in Vietnam where foreigners were making investments. He was impressed by the pent-up energy and the entrepreneurial spirit of the people he met.He knew he had to be a part of it. In 1999, with financial backing from Dragon Capital, a leading PE firm in Vietnam, he opened Glass Egg Digital Media Ltd., a highly specilalised 3D graphics studio serving the growing computer games markets in the US. As such service was virtually unknown, Glass Egg had to go through a long and difficult time. The lowest was in 2009, during the financial crisis, when companies worldwide were forced to pull back on their outsourcing projects. Keeping it together as 2010 started to see the markets return, Glass Egg began to see a growing demand for its services.That surge of growth sustained a positive trajectory for 13 years. Today Glass Egg occupies 3 floors of Ree Tower and was just licensed for a satellite studio in Dalat.All in all, GE has nearly 500 engineers, graphics artists, and managers.In late 2021, a friendly competitor and indusrty leader expressed an interest in acquiring Glass Egg. Phil Tran closed the transaction on May 18, 2022. At 59, Phil successfully exited Glass Egg at its peak and is now semi retired. During his time in Vietnam, besides Glass Egg, Phil together with some partners founded a variety of startups, most notably Lush, the oldest night club in HCMC; Glowie, a talent hunting mobile app; Pasteur Street Beer, a craft beer establishment; and Blush, a top grade beach club in Danang Vietnam. Phil now spends his time polishing and pitching a 30 episodes TV series, Đúng Sai Ai Biết. The series is a parable of his life and work in Vietnam. It took him two years to write. The film industry is not new to Phil. His family made the first feature for Vietnam {Kiếp Hoa, 1950). He had been involved in the making of prior feature films like Funny Money (Tiền Chùa, 2013) and Go Go Sisters (Tháng Năm Rực Rỡ, 2016). He also spends time learning to write songs for his girlfriend, Phuong, “a songtress with the sweetest of voices”, said Phil. While Glass Egg was his life for over 20 years, his passion remains in writing, music and film.