Nhat Nguyen is a truly resourceful founder, using his two decades of work experience across three countries to masterfully carve Otrafy’s path to success. After less than 5 years into his career, Nhat moved into entrepreneurship when he founded Otrafy, a high growth B2B SaaS workflow platform that leverages AI technologies to address manufacturing challenges. Since then, Nhat has utilized any and all startup support systems he could find to help Otrafy succeed by drawing the attention of investors, raising seed funding, and negotiating an impressive valuation. Some of these support systems include joining one of the top startup accelerators in the world; the Techstars Farm to Fork Program in the USA to gain knowledge and experience to better run and organize his startup, winning the National Innovative Technopreneur Contest, and joining BLOCK 71 – a collaboration between a Singapore university and BECAMEX – a corporation with offices in Singapore and Indonesia. According to Nhat and his co-founders, Otrafy’s vision is to be the source of truth for real-time food history and safety information by building the data infrastructure to enable the transaction of products between different parties and jurisdictions. They aim to make managing documents easier, make tracing origins effortless, and make life simpler for their customers. This aspiration appeared compatible with the investment strategy of many VCs, making it easier for Otrafy to get their foot in the door and give them a bargaining chip when it came to negotiating the valuation of the startup. To date, Nhat has orchestrated the design and implementation of an Agile framework at Otrafy, adeptly scaling the company from a 3-person startup to a robust 40-member team, geographically distributed across 3 different continents (US, Vietnam and Brazil) while hiring, training, and leading many of them himself. Since the beginning, he has owned and executed Otrafy products strategy. Most notably, he decided to pivot Otrafy’s technology from blockchain to AI in 2019, significantly broadening their customer base and achieving product-market fit. This involved sunsetting existing products and rehiring of the engineering. Impressively, he also spearheaded the customer discovery process with 30 food manufacturers in the Midwest region within a month. With such dedication and hard work, it is no wonder he was able to raise $1 million pre-seed from angels and another $2 million of seed funding from VCs. Personally, Nhat’s hobbies include soccer, bouldering and board games. His ultimate goal in life and business is to innovate within the space industry by developing products that address significant challenges through advanced technologies. His personal and business philosophy centers around continuous learning and improvement, both in technology and team dynamics. He basically encourages everyone to adapt a growth mindset. He also recently took on the role at the Space Generation Advisory Council as the National Point of Contact for Vietnam, so anyone interested in doing more to help grow the space industry in Vietnam should feel free to talk to him. Join us to learn how Nhat raised $1 million pre-seed from angels and another $2 million of seed funding from VCs.