Dai Hoang began his career as a digital artist working at game companies before shifting his career to work at an event agency and eventually finding work in the film and TVC industry, which he has been doing since 2014. During this time period, he worked in the art departments of many producers for some of Vietnam’s most well known movies, including Saigon Bodyguard (TNA production), My Mister Wife (Chanh Phuong production), Tao Quay (The NewYolk production), and Maika (BHD production). He’s also contributed to 2 short films: The Sound of Silence (directed by Luu Nguyet Đan Thanh) and Trading-card Season (directed by Huynh Anh Duy). Extending beyond the Vietnam market, he also worked on 2 international movies: Da 5 Bloods (Netflix) and Taxi Driver 2 (Netflix). For his work on TVCs, he contributed to large multinational brands such as Toyota, Honda, Dutch Lady (Disney), Bandai, Momo, Lifebuoy, PNJ, SATO, Vinamilk, Vietlott, Maggi, Massan, C2, OPPO, Clear, Lazada, Larue Beer, Tiger Beer, Dienmayxanh, Nutrifood and many more until 2022. In 2021/2022, he shifted his life focus to pursue his long-standing desire to share Vietnamese culture, by first cooperating with Thua Thien Hue Institute for Development Studies to organize a cultural event called Vietnam Summer Fair 2022. In July of 2022, he decided to open Thien Kien company with the passionate goal of becoming a cultural agency, introducing Vietnamese culture and heritage to both locals and the rest of the world. In 2023, Thien Kien sponsored the TECx conference organized by SAVVi Code, during which it provided the highest quality organic Vietnamese foods for attendees and provided hand crafted gifts made by ethnic minorities in the north of the country to the event’s speakers. Today, Dai hopes that he can play a significant role in boosting Vietnam’s culture to the world through Thien Kien, his magnum opus. In many ways, it is the accumulation of everything he has done up to this point and the realization of his greatest dream. With this company, in cooperation with agricultural and cultural partners all over the country as well as SAVVi, he believes that Thien Kien can become the largest cultural agency in Vietnam.