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About Savvi

We are a global network of professionals supporting Vietnamese companies and founders in the tech startup space. We come together to connect and collaborate around innovative ideas that are brought to life through the spirited entrepreneurship of founders who color our lives with technology.


Incorporated within our name is a commitment to follow a simple Code: “DO GOOD”

As entrepreneurs and leaders, we face difficult decisions everyday.  We do good for the simple reason that it brings us tangible benefits and the consequences of doing good are more favorable than not doing good.

Images from 2007 Tech conference.

2000 – 2010

Our story began in 2000.  After returning to the US from their trip with President Clinton on his historic visit to Vietnam in 2000, a group of Vietnamese American professionals in Silicon Valley established in 2001 a network for Viet tech entrepreneurs. It took on the name Vietnamese Silicon Valley Network (“VSVN”).  In 2005, it opened its first chapter in Southern California and renamed the organization to “Vietnamese Strategic Ventures Network.”  We expanded quickly to Texas and partnered with an affiliate in France.  

2010 – Now

In 2010 we boldly established a presence in Vietnam and rebranded ourselves as “Strategic Alliance Vietnamese Ventures International”, SAVVi, in recognition of the growing interest from non-Vietnamese in the Viet tech community around the world.  Despite the name change, SAVVi stayed true to its core mission: championing the next Vietnamese unicorn.

Images from 2012 Tech conference.


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